Monday, June 22, 2009

thank you Melanie!

Special thanks to Melanie Little for the beautiful stoles she made for us!!! (picture to follow).

She shared these words with us:

A United Methodist Tapestry

Inspiration for the 2009 ordination stoles began with current events, the economy, the environment, and our world.

This crazy quilt style stole was pieced using repurposed fabrics representative of our United Methodist lives and faith journey

Grandmother’s sweater—honoring tradition and heritage

Scraps from a child’s quilt—hope for the future

A few neckties—United Methodist Men

A woman’s blouse and slacks—United Methodist Women

Reds from a quilter’s fabric stash—sharing and caring

A tea towel and apron—hospitality

Fabrics from previous ordination class stoles—your colleagues, mentors, and friends

Aloha fabric because we can all use a little aloha in our lives

Discontinued designer samples—a little style

Denim, the workhorse of fabrics, seems an appropriate backing. Much of it was harvested from worn or outgrown jeans from family and friends, both young and old. A preschooler’s pet rock was rediscovered and carefully removed from his outgrown pocket. Jeans have very practical pockets so each stole has one ready for a note (a thought before it is lost), a tissue or change (remember change can be a good thing).

The Pentecost cross is symbolic of the Great Commission. Here it is made from a tablecloth, representative of the invitation to come to the many tables of our faith…for communion, caring for the hungry, church picnics, and pot lucks.

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johnsue said...

Thanks, Deb, for posting this. As you know I adore the stole and wanted a copy of the text. Hugs, mom