Thursday, June 25, 2009

Online Bible study

So we are exploring new possibilities for the church and one suggestion that came up was an online Bible study. We have a variety of members who can't make it to a scheduled time because of work or illness or life, but really want to be engaged in Bible study and one of them suggested an online study...with chat rooms or dialogue or posting. I think it's a great idea but would have no idea how to set it up or what program to use...

Does anyone use an online study? How is it run? Facilitated? Moderated?

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Teri said...

No, I have not done one online. However, being relatively new to blogging via blogspot, I think this format would be nice. You could do a post for a section of reading with questions/discussion at the end. People could post comments. Each week, or whatever the format was, the post for facilitating discussion could be changed. Through the week or so, people could add comments as they had time. The jury is still out on blogging, for me personally. But, I think the format is really neat and has many possiblities.

Take care.