Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Learning from the church

my second learning this week was that if you dare to speak about evil with your youth, be prepared to be up a creek without a paddle. Not realizing the hornet's nest I was playing with, I did our youth lesson on the demon possessed man. it led to all kinds of questions (some crazy and some deeply theological) and was especially difficult b/c much of what they "know" about evil or demons comes from shows like Buffy, Angel, charmed.....not that those shows can't provide good deep conversation about evil, but not helpful when your youth are asking if demons are really black and red. =) we were all over the board, and I felt especially bad for one youth who was there for the first time. they were regularly saying "I'm confused" "what are we talking about" "i'm frustrated". we ended by sharing questions we still had. and then i let them scream for their frustration and then we closed with TongSong Kido, a korean form of prayer. which seemed to work well.