Sunday, November 5, 2017

Children's time for All Saints' Sunday

(Give the kids a clementine.)

Today we are going to talk about savoring things.  Do you know what “savor” means? Savor means to enjoy…taking in every detail.  

So we’re going to take a minute to practice. We’re going to savor these oranges.  Before we open them, we want to look at them…what shape are they? what color are they?  

We want to feel them, how do they feel?  

We want to smell them, how do they smell?  

You get to anticipate what they will taste like…we’ll have you do your taste test up in activity time.  

But savor means we take time to look, and smell, and touch and feel something.  If we think about it, it can be easy to savor lots of things.  Even things we can’t taste…we could savor the beauty of a flower…how it looks and feels and smells….even though we wouldn’t likely eat it.  

We can also savor memories….we can think about someone or sometime and think about how it felt…was it warm out, or cold.  What were the things we saw?  Did we eat anything? Was it sweet or salty? crunchy or chewy?  

And we can do the same with people…what were they wearing? How did they wear their hair?  Were they wearing perfume or cologne that we liked? what did their voice sound like?  Did they give good hugs or have a big smile?  

Today, we are remembering the saints…we’re talking about people that we have loved who have died.  And we can’t hug them, or look at them in front of us…but we can savor our memories….remembering little details…maybe things that make us laugh or smile, maybe even things that touch our heart and make us happy. Savoring memories is one of the best ways we can continue to hold someone in our heart even when we can’t be with them in real life.  

Let us pray. 

Morning Prayer

Lord Jesus, guide my thoughts and my words. Help me to understand your Word in a way that is easy to share with others. May the words that I preach glorify and honor you. May the message of the day draw people nearer to you and to the saints. In Jesus’ name, amen.