Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sermon Prep Prayer

Lord, humble me to do your work.
 Clear my mind. 
Heal my heart. 
Give me the energy and inspiration I need to hear your voice
 through Scripture and liturgy and to share you with your people.
  Give me grace 
and give me the courage to receive it in its fullness. 
 Through Christ our Lord, 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dream big

This last June, at Annual Conference, we heard a speech on #imaginenomalaria that was truly inspiring.  It was fun to imagine with the speaker and imagine young lives that were spared from a tragic death to Malaria, young minds who became teachers, leaders, doctors, and pioneers for the modern world.  We imagined a world where malaria claimed no more lives and communities faced a very different future.  I was truly inspired to dream. And as I started to dream, I began to dream for my church, for the church really, but specifically for the church I serve.  The following is not a complete list, but it does highlight my dream for the church.

I have a dream
  • for a church full of life!
  • for a worship service that inspires, challenges, and uplifts
  • for children filling our halls and classrooms with laughter, learning and the love of God
  • of inclusiveness that claims people diverse in age, race, language, sexual orientation, and culture
  • of a church that welcomes people as they are and empowers them to move into God's future
  • of a playground that is well-lit, joyful, and loud
  • of a sanctuary that is full of people seeking after God and striving to be righteous
  • of a church where people gather to know and be known by others in the faith
  • of a church that makes a noticeable differnce in our community whether or not those individuals cross the threshold of the sanctuary
  • of a church partnered with a community of faith somewhere in the world
  • for a church that seeks meaningful and life-giving change for our congregation before our life as a church is at risk
  • for a budget that is solid and gives significant dollars to new ministries and ministries that change us
  • of a church where we empower and encourage each step of the way
Having said all of  that, I need to emphasize that I work for an amazing group of believers.  The people I serve locally are faithful, generous, and dedicated disciples.  And even as faithful, generous, and dedicated believers, there is still more we can do and be as the body of Christ.  

And so I have a dream.  I have a dream of being more in a way that draws others into relationship with Christ and develops the next generation of church leaders.   I have a dream of a church so alive that the presence of God in our midst is absolutely undeniable.  

What is your dream?