Friday, March 30, 2007

Daddy God

Daddy God,
Bringer of strength
In your warm embrace
You have taught us responsibility and demanded accountability
You encouraged us to try and do our best,
You did not expect perfection
Because you understood our weaknesses
But did not allow us to give on the basics
But to give all we could.
Daddy in heaven,
You were patient in our learning—
You stuck with us until we understood
And continue by our side
Cheerleading us on as we continue to struggle and grow.
You offer a warm hug in our sadness and frustration
And a jovial laugh and a proud smile in our success.
Daddy God, we love you.



Brother Marty said...

Thank you for your words. Of late I've been starting my prayers with "Daddy" versus "oh most heavenly kind, gracious and almighty Lord"...and I think I like Daddy better.

David said...

thanks for the recent prayer blogging. It certainly helps remind me to stay on task with my own prayer life. Though I have to say I am becoming more comfortable with the Celtic prayer method of praying through each activity, from cleaning my earwax out of my ears to typing and even watching TV.