Sunday, March 25, 2007

Prayer to keep on going

Dear God,
Please give me strength for the journey.
I am weary and tired and feel I can ingest no more.
My legs are weary on this race-and I fear I am too fatigued to finish.
Yet there is hope.
The finish line is so close.
People are preparing for my reception.
God it is their work that gives me hope.
I do not want to disappoint them.
I also know I do not want to start this race all over again.
The remaining few miles seem like nothing compared to the miles I have already run.
Give me the water to rinse my parched mouth
and the strength to keep me moving forward.
God, this journey is long—but I know you have not left me.
Hold my hand and lead me on.
Take my hand and remind me of the beauty of your works.
Pull me up the mountain.
Remind me to catch my breath and not push too hard,
but to just keep climbing—for the view will be worth it.

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