Thursday, March 22, 2007

A touch of hospitality goes a long way

Back in the fall I met a fellow colleague here in Hemet. She and I had lunch and figured out we both like to walk. We were both relatively new to the area and had few “friend” connections and decided we would both benefit from time together and decided we would do so as we walked around Diamond Valley Lake. We walked weekly for a couple of months and then the crazy advent season hit and we both had to defer to church and family responsibilities. Strangely, and yet typically (apparently in the church anyway) the Epiphany and Lent seasons are just as crazy if not more so than Advent, and so it is only now that we are finding time in our schedules to start walking again. When she called to set up a time she asked if I would also be willing to do her a favor—tutor her son in Spanish before a test. I said I’d be happy to and we arranged for me to come over tonight. I was supposed to have come straight from prayer group but had ended up not going because of a migraine. They live about 30 minutes (walking) from me and I decided the exercise would do me good, so I threw on a sweatshirt and headed over. When I got there she asked if I had dinner, I said I had. She said she thought I had come from church, I told her about the migraine and having stayed home and had dinner while I was there. She had prepared an extra chicken breast and enough sides for me to eat. Though I didn’t partake, I was EXTREMELY grateful. Those things mean the world to me. Too stubborn for my own good, I wouldn’t dare ask for a favor like that, but her foresight and care go a long way in my book. Thanks M!

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