Saturday, May 19, 2007

for what it's worth

I extend an apology to my regular readers both for a general lack of postings in the last few weeks and because I fear my current postings lack the depth I desire for them. In the past few weeks (after almost 2 months of working solid, which means I did get Monday sabbath but did NOT get Saturday volunteer, relax, and sermon writing time), I have found my mind shutting down--no real creativity, an obvious lack of enthusiasm (though still, mechanically, getting the job done), and an unwillingness to go there because I do not have the emotional reserves to deal with what I find. My sermons have suffered, my Bible study has suffered, and I think most importantly, my soul has suffered. Don't get me wrong, I hardly feel like things are spinning out of control; mostly, I think I have just shifted into survival mode to get things done, and now that I am on vacation and starting to come out of it, I realize the shallow waters I am in. Herein lies my lament, tied to my hope for deeper waters...

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