Tuesday, May 8, 2007


"This is not the race I trained for, this is not the race I entered, but this is the race I am in." --Georgene Johnson

A few years back I wrote this quote. Georgene had entered a 10K race and on the day of the race she joined the rest of the group and after about 4 miles, she thought they should be turning back. She asked an official and was informed she had joined the marathon runners instead of her group, which was scheduled to start a half hour later. She kept on with the marathon runners as that was "the race [she] was in".

Sometimes I feel that way about my ministry. I know I trained for race, I entered the race willingly, but it seems sometimes I am running further and harder than I expected. I think, "this is not what I signed up for." And yet, the longer, harder race seems to be the one I have entered. So I look to Georgene for hope--the possibility of perseverance despite my lack of traing for said race. I do believe God has called me to this, and as such, I will keep on in this race--praying for strength, stopping for water, and to replenish my body, and pressing forward--trusting the rewards will be great.

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