Saturday, May 19, 2007

The War

After reading a few recent posts on the war in Iraq and being continuously confronted by the ceaselessness of the fighting (a.k.a. deaths), and a heated debate with a parishoner about how the US actions have not served as a knight in shining armor "if only they weren't so ignorant and realized the good we are doing" I am compelled to post on the war. I have never been in favor of the war and yet neither am I a fan of pulling out all the troops, at least not at this point, (even having friends and loved ones over there). I know some people see that as a contradiction, either I support the war and want troops there or I do not. But my lack of support for pulling out is not about wanting the war, it is about responsibility--I don't think it's fair to go in and tear up someone else's country and then get the heck out of dodge because things aren't working as well as you thought. It's a matter of justice, responsibility, and follow through for me. Now, having said that I am beginning to believe the government efforts are futile in terms of our "goals" (whatever they are worth). And what I am believing now is that humanitarian groups (religious, habitat for humanity, organic farming, small size loans or otherwise) will probably bear the brunt of the burden anyway, and I believe are the better agents for change to boot, so we might as well get that ball rolling so that we CAN do something constructive in Iraq and help empower people. Not that I think a pullout will end the insurgencies, I think that is more deeply rooted, but I think organic empowerment is more likely to be successful than simple (or even complex) military presence.

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