Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Katrina Mission Trip

This week I am in Waveland Mississippi to do rebuild work post Katrina. We arrived Saturday night (well, actually, the wee hours of the morning on Sunday) and then did worship Sunday morning and orientation, play time in New Orleans, and the started to work on Monday. We are the 4th group of 4 from the Cal-Pac conference--a month solid of 50 volunteers. So there are a total of 50 of us here from the Pasadena and Riverside districts. We are assigned to a variety of tasks--drywalling ("the wallbangers"), siding ("Gulfside out-siders"), framing ("Kitty's, named after the homeowner, framers"), flooring ("what floor are we on?"), plumbing ("plumb crazy"), and painting ("The Mona Lisa's").

It seems I have a hundred ideas that are either blog-worthy or sermon-worthy during the day, but by the time I get home, shower, and have dinner, most of them escape me. So I may have to back-date my blogs after I return to CA. My beginning tidbit for today is that people have been generous in offering help, volunteering, sending money, etc, and yet there is SO, SO, SO much more to do. More volunteers are needed, many more work hours need to be completed, and many more stories need to be heard and shared. If you have not come, it is worth the trip--money, time, long workdays, to be here and try to make some sort of a difference.

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