Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My prayers this day

My concerns
1) a family in a serious Domestic violence situation
2) 3 families that are struggling at home, could use parenting help, which has been offered, and that are inconsistent in their church involvement
3) the time of transition as we receive a new senior pastor
4) A time of gathering and study in July for the Latino ministries pastors of our conference in July--for unity, for fellowship, for understanding, and for vision
5) for continued growth in the Latino congregation (spiritual and numerical)
6) for me to seek and find outlets to have more "fun" in my free time and in my work.

at the same time I give thanks for:
1) growth in the Hispanic ministry, causing the need for new hymnals, which was met immediately by the conference
2) health and healing for a couple of friends battling cancer
3) time with my family
4) an annual conference that did not feel as heated and divided as in years past
5) a food and family ministry that is reaching people
6) the opportunity to have worked with and learned from JLT

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