Monday, June 18, 2007

The Sure Sign I'm Working TOO Much:

Regularly I think "I'm not getting enough done." And, as is typical in my profession, even when I get all 25 items on my to-do list finished, there is more to be done. As someone who likes to produce, accomplish, and finish--the endless cycle of things to do does not always bode well for me. But the surest sign that I am working too much is when on my sabbath day I spend the wee hours of the morning trying desperately NOT to think of work things. "Don't think about work. Don't think about work. Don't think about work." was becoming my mantra this morning. Now, one might be tempted to say/do (as I often am), "Well, if I just get X, Y, Z done THEN I can enjoy the rest of my sabbath." For the record, I would whole-heartedly claim that assertion to be FALSE! My experience is that as soon as you give into the work bug on your day off, that train pulls out of the station and is off and running like a locamotive, no chance of getting it to stop. Period.

Now, I say that the mania of constantly being plagued by work ideas is an indicator that I am working too much, because when I follow my general work rules (only working 8 hours a day--6 days a week, making sure I take time for myself during the day, etc) then generally my sabbath is a carefree day where I can just relax and enjoy myself, reading, loafing, watching movies, walking, hiking, painting, whatever really. But when I "work, work, work" then slowing my working brain down becomes tediously difficult. Really, really, frustrating!!

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