Saturday, June 9, 2007

Supporting the Cause

...Lymphoma and Leukemia cancer research that is. Three of my friends (one from college and 2 from seminary) are training for marathons/triathlons to support cancer research. Each is charged not only with the daunting (as I see it) task of getting fit to run 26 miles or to run/bike/swim (for far longer than I would ever dream!), but also each has to do fundraising for the cause. I encourage you, at the very least to take a look at their blogs to see what wonderful things they are finding in their journies, the amazing stories survivors and co-runners are sharing, and the inspiration of their commitment both to brutal exercise routines and to fighting cancer. And, if you have a little loose change in your wallet (even $10) think about giving to support a worthy cause--and a worthy woman!


chai said...

thank you DEB!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the plug, Deb! And way to go, Chai!