Monday, July 16, 2007

The "Be with" prayer

Each night, I use my prayer journal and pray. Normally I write the names of those for whom I am praying specifically and then any other prayer I wish to lift up. More often than not, as I pray for those who are laid on my heart (e.g., who come to mind) I pray the "Be with" prayer. "Be with with K and S, be with A, be with....." etc, etc, etc. One night, I had to wonder about the effectividad of the "be with" prayer--what was the heart of the "be with" prayer. Really, I consider it an all encompassing prayer. When I pray "be with C" I mean, guide her, direct her, draw her near to you, help her in her work, her relationships, her self care, give her energy, health, and animo in who she is. I'm a big fan of the "be with" prayer as is evident from this post. And hopefully, though I don't utter each of those petitions each time I pray, God hears the "be with" prayer for all of the intentions and hopes that lie behind it.

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