Monday, July 16, 2007

The breadth of things

Yesterday I assisted with a funeral for one of my church members. During the open mic part where people could share, a former colleague noted that J had taught over 2000 people in his 30 or so year career. The comment made me start thinking of how many people have been affected (at least potentially) by my ministry.

BFUMC 300+
HUMC 400+
Camp(s) 300+
CPE 250+
Approximate total: 1610+

Now, I am not so vain as to think I have had some life changing affect on all of those people, but in some way I have ministered to a whole lot of folks. I have taught a class, preached a sermon, offered care, or simply listened in the last 8 years to more people than I realized. It’s sort of wild to think of how broad the scope of my ministry has been and the potential for how many lives could be touched or affected. The other side of that coin being responsibility—I mean, if I screw things up, it’s not like just 10 or 20 folks would be affected, 1600 people is a fair number, so I better be stepping up and giving the best I can so that with the great number of people there is also great potential for doing the job right!

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