Sunday, July 29, 2007

Giving Thanks

A few weeks ago my grandma was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, they decided it was operable and so they started making plans for surgery. She is 91 and so the surgery risks were high, though she is in good health, so that at least made her a candidate. Wednesday she underwent surgery and it seemed to go well--they said it had not metastasized and they got it all! She had two tumors in her colon and they removed both of those, she also had scar tissue from when she had radiation treatment for ovarian cancer a years ago, and they took some of that out too. She made it through the surgery well and seemed to be recovering well to boot! So that is marvelous! My uncle is with her now as my mom and dad are here with me and I continue to pray for healing for her, but sing out with thanks for a successful surgery!

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