Monday, July 2, 2007

A miracle

Yesterday I had the privilege of witnessing a miracle. For a couple days now I have been visiting a parishioner in the hospital. First he was on the third floor, then after surgery in ICU. In ICU he did not look good. He was conscious, but on a respirator and by all accounts, not long for this world. His condition continued to worsen and in talking with his son, he was not holding out much hope. In addition to the respirator he was going into congestive heart failure and he still has a condition they have yet to be able to fix, or really have a good solution for. Having spent my fair share of nights in ICU rooms and around the hospital with folks, it was clear he was not "on the verge" so to speak, but he was clearly not well. Then yesterday I dropped by, mostly expecting just to check on the family, and there he was sitting up, no more vent, and talking and carrying on like normal. At the sight of him I was grinning from ear to ear. I said, "you couldn't ask for much more" and he DID care to differ, but compared to the day prior--it was a miracle. He's not out of the woods so to speak, but he is so much better it is amazing! Praise God!

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