Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Guided Meditation

I am finishing up writing the curriculum for next week's Senior High youth camp. The close of each Bible study is supposed to have a guided prayer--I came up one prayer short from the materials provided from last year. So I created my own. I thought I'd share...(keep in mind it's written for a leader to read as others go through the meditation, feel free to adapt as necessary to suit your situation)

Sit up and sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Relax. Take a few slow deep breaths. (Pause 10 seconds).
It’s time for your shower. You go into the bathroom and close the door. Turn on the water. Take off your clothes and get in the shower. Let the hot water run over your body. You notice the water feels different today. You feel cleaner—not just free-from-dirt clean, but cleansed, inside and out. You remember the words from Sunday’s sermon “I am the living water”. You realize the cleansing you feel is from Jesus, not only is your skin getting washed, but your soul is being washed clean too. (Pause 10 seconds)
You pick up a bar of soap—it’s marked H.S.—Holy Spirit soap. As you scrub your body, the frustrations, pain, and irritations of the week surface. They rise into your chest and then to your throat. You feel them, lying there by your voice box—blocking the way. It’s harder to breathe. You want to be freed from them. (Pause 5 seconds) You scrub harder and as you do, you begin to cry. Your tears also wash over your skin and the pressure you just felt in your throat lessens. You begin to relax and your breathing slows. (Pause 10 seconds) You finish washing and get out to dry off.
Once you are dry, you put on lotion—it smells of frankincense and myrrh, (Pause 5 seconds) it’s anointing oil and as you lather it on, your wounds are healed. Scabs and scars disappear from your skin and you feel a tingle through your stomach, like free falling on a roller coaster, it’s exhilarating. You can’t help but smile. God has cleansed you and set you free from the scars of your past. Indeed, you are ready to start your day—cleansed and made new by the power of the Holy Spirit, the living water, and God’s anointing oil.


camilyn said...


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Mano said...


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