Friday, March 21, 2008

I know better than that!

It has been a service/worship extravaganza this week. Funeral Tuesday. Funeral plus committal Wednesday. Foot washing Wednesday. Afternoon Maundy Thursday service (at which I preached). Evening Maunday Thursday service at which I assisted. FOURTEEN stations of the cross. An evening Tenebrae service tonight. Then 2 Easter services on Sunday, one of which I will preach.

As I walked back from a friends to my apartment I thought, man, I think these sermons, eulogies, studies, and stations have taken me for everything I have. Good thing I don't have a service tomorrow.

I know I shouldn't have thought it. No sooner did I walk into the house that the phone rang--the funeral director. She's in a pickle and needs a pastor for a service tomorrow. Can I do it? Sure. Why not?! I mean, if you're gonna wear yourself thin, you might as well go all the way, right?

And everyone deserves a service that honors and celebrates their life, even if it does happen to take place the day before the BIGGEST Christian holiday all year.

Right?! Right.

Now I'm off to finish the stations, prep a funeral, and write an Easter sermon.

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