Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Save up to $900

My TV went on the fritz a few weeks before Lent. I found that I had lots of extra time on my hands--so I went back to reading and quilting and filling my time with lots of productive things (even including sleep). So, recognizing how healthy the forced TV-fast was for me, I decided not to get my TV fixed right away and instead to make no-TV part of my Lenten disciplines. Well, Lent is over and I thought it might be nice to watch a few things, but still need to get my TV fixed. So I started calling around. store 1: $20 for an at home estimate (horrible reviews from Better Business Bureau). Store 2: $40 must bring it to store. He recommends not even bothering. Store 3: $100 for an in-store estimate. Store 4: $15 for in-store estimate. The TV itself is 7 years old and was a hand-me-down that I paid $0 for.

I called my brother for advice and he said not to buy one, to wait and see what he could find in rummage stuff. I also emailed some parishioners to see who they might recommend. Just for kicks I thought I'd check out and see how much a TV might cost...one of the first things I saw was:
"Save Up to $900 on Select HDTVs!" RIGHT. If we're talking about saving$900 we're definitely NOT in the same ball-park. Really folks. I wouldn't even spend $900 on a TV, let alone buy one expensive enough to warrant saving $900. Give me a break.

On a side note, as I thought about this TV business and washed dishes, I amused myself by thinking: "what if I married a guy who thought dropping $1000-$2000 on a TV was a good idea?" I just laughed. Boy would he have married the wrong woman. There's no way I could justify that. Do you know how many kids' elementary education I could pay for for a YEAR with that? In Nicaragua: at least 65. Or we could buy 200 mosquito nets to prevent Malaria. Or we could sponsor 100 kids to go to camp in Mexico. Or even 10 kids to go to camp in the US. Or a BA degree's worth of books, or.... you get the idea. Mr. Deb would be S.O.L. on that home entertainment center. Sorry.

**Note to self. Never say never, as Murphy *(of Murphy's Law) LOVES you and you will surely eat your words.


molly said...

yeah. 'cause i never imagined i'd marry some guy in the army. i protest the military. and yet, well, here i am.

perhaps mr. t.v. man is on his way into your heart, even as we speak.

Deb said...

I guess it could be worse than $2000--I think I'd shoot him if he ever proposed this beauty: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8669577&type=product&id=1197073928544

and maybe you're right Molly--maybe God and Murphy will answer that husband prayer at once.

molly said...



Wow. I'm so not living in that world.

Do you think it makes the programming any better, watching it on such an expensive television?