Thursday, March 20, 2008

My reason for saying no to the clergy couple gig

Currently, in the midst of my very packed, very busy, fairly stressful Holy Week I have gained some clarity about my future (hopefully...Dear Lord, you are still working on that one, right?!) husband: Reason #1 not to marry another clergy person: there is no one left to cook, clean, do dishes, or do laundry during the high holy seasons.

Maybe it's silly, but working multiple 12-14 hour days for the majority of a week straight does not leave me with a whole lot of ganas to do any kind of household anything and it would be really nice if the future Mr. Wonderful were not equally preoccupied at these times.


molly said...

Not that this is necessarily a speech in favor of partnering with a clergyperson, I've found help with house chores in kind people other than my spouse.

I guess I mean there are ways to make a whole lot of tricky things work, if the partnership is good. Including, even, hiring folks to help with these things.

There may be a lot of other compelling reasons why we clergy make difficult partners... but that's another story. ;)

And, I have no idea if you're making these statements in the abstract, or in a particular case. I not meaning to support or undermine any particular possibilities...

Deb said...

abstract. all abstract. no particular possibilities anywhere in sight. =) and I've even thought of hiring someone NOW. =)