Friday, March 28, 2008

Our next publicity campaign

I'm not sure what I was thinking about exactly, but it had to do with people feeling called to the clergy and the stereotypes of images. I had the phrase in my head: "Don't think you fit the mold?" And then it occurred to me--I didn't either. Neither did many of my friends. So the response is then: "Neither did we." I've decided it would be great for our next ad campaign (either or Here's how it would look (use your imagination here):

Don't think you fit the mold?

[pic of various young clergy, formally dressed, probably clergy collars--very reformed]

Neither did we.

[pic of same various young clergy but dressed either casually/hip OR in outfits that represent their particular interests (i.e., skiing, biking, reading, cooking, photographing...)]

Then this morning, I decided we could use it as the church's next ad campaign--except instead of an ad for call/clergy/seminary it's an ad about church--the mold pic being robes, or somber in pews with hymnals, or whatever rigid stereotype image you want and then the second one being the look of your church--casual, praise band, liturgical dance, people who dress differently (Emo, punk, board shorts....whatever)


Kate said...

I love it, love it, love it!

I could write a book about the responses I get from folks when I tell them I'm a minister--not what they expect when they meet me! I'm sure you can relate...

Recently: "I didn't know ministers could wear jeans!"

molly said...

Just today, a man at my church was sharing with me his musings about how people tend to think that going to church is a very "conventional" thing to do. But it just might be much more daring--certainly it was for those first Christians. And, perhaps, in our culture. Daring, conspiratorial, hopeful.