Monday, August 31, 2020

Starting place

 There’s been a lot of conversation lately around race consciousness and racial injustice.  I sometimes have lots I want to say and sometimes don’t know what to say. And sometimes I’m not sure it’s my place to say it.  


In the swirl of conversations I’ve had various moments, epiphanies, and lessons come to mind.  I’m not an expert to be teaching others, but I have learned some things. And clearly, some people haven’t learned those same things. And we have trouble listening and seeing and finding solutions to deep seated issues in our communities and our country. 


Partly for my own sake of working through my memories and what I think I learned, and hopefully in a way that might help someone else engage in the conversation, I’m planning to blog about those things.  


I haven’t blogged consistently in years. I haven’t had enough to say to make it worthwhile or to need the outlet. But now it seems right…as a place to lay my thoughts and maybe offer something helpful to another.  


I’ve heard a couple of podcasts from Brene Brown in the pandemic, and one thing she says that I really like is “I’m trying to get it right, not to be right.”  I want that to be my mantra for now—to try and get it right, not to be right. This isn’t about absolutism. This is about process and learning. 


So if you have a question, ask. If you think I got it wrong, let me know.  But please do it with the same intent…not to prove you're right, but to help one another get it right.  

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