Thursday, August 30, 2007

I LOVE vacation

For the last few days I have been enjoying a long awaited and much needed vacation. While I have been away for much of the summer it has been for classes, camp, and other work related things. It has been since May that I actually had a vacation. And much to my shagrine, the busyness of the summer has also meant that I have missed 3 sabbath days--that's a lot for me as before that I have only missed a total of 8 in the last 2.5 years. Pre-vacation I was feeling quite worn down and uninspired. So, as soon as I began vacation, I was elated. I drove out of town rocking out to the Beatles "Birthday Song" and shouting "I'm on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!" it was marvelous!Absolutely marvelous. While away, I got to catch up with old friends, to see Mt. Vernon, to see DC by night, to play at Coney Island, and relax at Fire Island. Normally while on vacation I just relax and hang out. Mostly, I use it as a time to restore and rejuvenate. However, this time I was out and about just about every day. I ran around and played, and while I got only a minimal amount of sleep, I had a blast! I am having so much fun I can hardly muster the ganas to return to work and begin again. I want to stay and play.

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