Monday, August 13, 2007

The joy of relaxtion

This weekend's camping trip was planned and organized completely by the parents of one of my youth. They booked the site, got the tents, bought the food, planned the schedule and games. They sponsored the WHOLE thing. Any time I offered to do anything A refused. She didn't want my money, she didn't want me to have to stress about the program at all. God bless her. =) Even once we were up there A wouldn't let me cook or clean, she wanted me to relax and enjoy myself. It was nice. Especially because A is the type of person who gets things done and gets them done right. So I don't worry about what she might come up with or want to do. I know that if A is in charge it's smooth sailing. I got to sleep in (until 7am) on Sunday, and coffee and breakfast were ready for me when I got up. I didn't have to wash the dishes or do much more than play with the kids, lead worship, and relax where I could. The hosting family also camps in style--super posh! Air mattresses, a little camping table that has a sink and a counter, the fire pit, the grill, a griddle, the screen tent to cover the table and game area (oh wait...just the fact that there is a "game area" is posh....) The whole weekend I was thinking....I need to camp more. This is sweet! I probably need to camp with them, but that's cool! Fine by me. yep. I got spoiled. But I'm okay with that.

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