Friday, August 17, 2007

Pick up lines

I am sure you have all heard the lame pick up lines that make their way around. I remember my first true encounter with one was when I was in high school (junior or senior maybe) and I was walking into K-Mart after a Mock Trial competition and a guy, who I later recognized as a member of the opposing team, said, "You're feet must be tired." (and I'm thinking, well they are actually, all day in heals, but how would you know and why do you care?) and I say, "What?" Him: "You're feet must be tired." Me: "huh?" "You're feet must be tired 'cause you been runnin' through my mind all day." Me: "Oh....yeah.....right....whatever." Ahhh pick up lines. I'm not sure why or how they actually work. I have yet to hear a really good one. Though two from conversations in the last two days might just work for me.

1) "Well....he doesn't shop at Walmart, says he hates big business." (sweet! he earned bonus points right there! who needs an actual pick up line when you have things like "he doesn't shop at Walmart!?!?)

2) The other came after I talked with someone who I haven't exactly been marvelous toward in the last few days and I asked, "why are you so nice to me?" to which he replied: "I want to be good to you because I consider myself the likeness and image of God, and I want that image to be reflected in me more and more, in better ways, each day" (now that's a good line!)

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