Monday, August 13, 2007

Must be a boy thing

This weekend I went with my youth group (and 2 parents) to the mountains for a camping trip. We two large campsites and had a game tent, a blue tent for girls, and a green tent for boys. Unassuming, the mom who set up had put me on an air mattress in the tent with the boys. When I arrived and they told me, apparently I gave a look of dread....uh...."sorry, no can do. Safe sanctuaries. (mom gives me the "oh no, I had no idea" look). It's okay. I can sleep outside." The immediately moved me into the girls' tent and all was well. Anyway, that's not the point of this post. Rather, it started when they told the boys I wouldn't be in their tent....."oh, that's good. She'd probably just fart a lot!" Ahhhh.....boys. Regularly throughout the weekend one of the boys would drop a stink bomb in their tent, clearing all out except for the offending party, clearly indicating who the offending stinker was! So then night two, they promptly started a farting contest. One after another with an ensuing "ohhhh grose!" I have never understood this farting has to be a boy thing. Really, it's totally beyond me.

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