Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Gotta love California courts

Apparently when Mr Officer starts your holidays off with a bang, he can keep the cheer going by not turning in your citation. Which seems like it could be a happy oversight that means you don't have to pay, but after calling the automated system a zillion times and them not having your information and you give up and call the actual court you find out that Mr. Officer doesn't have to file your citation for a year. That's right ladies and gentlemen, a year...that's a year of waiting, oh yes, and a year of calling the automated system to pay your fine. Keep in mind that you have a court date listed on your citation, for which you can be arrested if you miss it. But if your citation isn't in the system it doesn't make sense to go to said court hearing. But, at the same time you run the risk of facing jail or a fine for failure to appear. Tell me how that makes sense. Please. Someone. I'm supposed to call the courts everyday for a year because Mr. Officer failed to do his paperwork? Why couldn't I get the uber-administrative cop who forces me to pay the stupid fine now?!!

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