Monday, January 7, 2008

This weekend's fun

It wasn't nearly enough snow...only about 3 inches by the time I had to head down the hill, but it was nice to be there while it snowed and to be in the fresh beauty of it all. This is a shot as I headed down the hill.

I'm convinced my dog might just be the cutest on the planet. She's certainly the sweetest. If only I could get this shot when the wind blow through her hair and makes her look like a soap star with her hair blowing in the wind!

It was the side of the road, a turnout really, and the snow was not very deep, but I couldn't resist the temptation...

When one does not buy the necessary chain tighteners but does accept the help of a friendly stranger, one ends up with a funky, but secure, chained tire!

1 comment:

chai said...

omg! your pup is SO cute. this is a huge compliment coming from a mom who LOVES her dog. :)

and, the chain design is hilarious. looks like you had a good time. xoxo.