Monday, January 14, 2008


The other night I went out with a friend of mine from college. He's a non-practicing half-Jew half-Christian, and occasionally we edge into the theological. After meandering through our personal lives, he asked me, "If Jesus were alive today, where would he be and what would he be doing?" Quite the question if you ask me. I thought for a minute and figured he would either be some place like Darfur or Kenya attending to the crisis, the broken, the wounded, the abused or he would be some place like DC or the UN challenging the powers that be.

I really thought it was a good question and am curious to hear where you think Jesus would be and what he'd be doing if he were alive today....

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Steven Manskar said...

Jesus is alive and very well and living among the poor, marginalized, oppressed peoples of the world. He is found in prisons, on the streets, under bridges, in hospitals, refugee camps, and hospitals. He is with the hungry, thirsty, homeless, ill-clad, sick, and prisoners of the world. He may occassionaly found in churches that are intentional about living for the world as sign communities of his coming reign.