Thursday, January 10, 2008

Minor Freak-out

This morning I headed out to meetings in the Santa Ana area and then am off to Oxnard for a couple of days. About 15 minutes into the drive I reached back to find my purse so I could grab my phone and let my friend know my plans. Reach. dig. search. dig. Wait, no phones?!?! How am I supposed to function without a phone? I mean what if I get a flat tire? What if there's traffic and I'm late, how will I let my meeting know? What about my friend for dinner....oh man, how am I supposed to meet up with him if he's calling when he gets off work? Where? When? How? Oh man, the next 3 days without phones. Theoretically I could be really happy about calls from B, R, O, or T. Sweet! But what if there's an emergency? And no one knows I don't have my phones. After tonight I think I can stop stressing, but until then, while I figure out how on earth I will get ahold of my dinner friend...I can't even wrap my head around the notion. Because I could resort to a pay phone...who even uses those anymore? and how much does a call cost? But I don't have my handy-dandy contact list to find his number. I thought about calling my voicemail and changing the message, "Hi, this is Debbie, I'm a dufus and forgot my phone, if you need to reach me before Sunday, please make sure you leave your number so I can call back. If this is J, umm...let's say 7:30 at who knows where and leave me your number so at least we have half a chance of getting together while I'm in town."

This is proof positive that I am far too tied to my phones. I get that. It's probably a good chance for me to realize how distracted I am throughout the day b/c I have my phone. No phone calls in the car, in the store, at work, while watching TV, or reading, or doing my sermon. No phone calls. (Not that I'll be answering anyway). I'd be game if I were on a beach somewhere enjoying vacation. But this isn't vacation and I have things to do people!

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Kate said...

Debbie--I didn't know about your blog until you commented on mine. Upon discovery, I have been obsessively reading post after post. It's incredible how much of it rings true to my experience--the good, the bad, and the ugly. Glad to discover it! Blessings to you.