Monday, January 7, 2008

The Weekend's learnings...

This weekend's lessons (and a few I've thrown in just because they are helpful).

1) Buy snow chains and chain tighteners (bungee like thing that keeps the chains from clack*clack*clacking all the way down the hill) before you need them. (thanks Dad for calling to insure I got the chains!)

2) Accept grace where grace is offered and the offered help of a friendly stranger

3) When you need to reprimand someone, do it in person first. If there are multiple incidents or if it could turn legal, keep written documentation, but first trust a person to respond to a simple conversation.

4) When emailing with a colleague or work associate, it's best to include "niceties" of how are you, well wishes etc and not just cut to the business of the email.

5) air mattresses are SO worth the investment

6) Potlucks might just be the best thing about church!

7) When going on an overnight youth or young adult trip and desiring to sleep--pack earplugs

8) It's important to foster your creative side--write, do poetry, paint, create, sew, cook...whatever.

9) Take the time to make a snow angel, throw a snowball, and enjoy the beauty of snow

10) Nothing beats a good friend who connects to your soul.

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