Wednesday, February 20, 2008


How do we reconcile that which we fail to confront?

How can we make peace with others if we have not made peace with ourselves?

Strife, fear, and ignorance erupt the Sierras between us.

Hate, anger, desperation

Dig the crevasse between us

What shall be our bridge?

Who shall set the first plank?

Alone we only fall victim

To the power and depth

Of the pain of our history

Together we have a chance

With your hand in mine,

We can reach a little farther

With my heart open to your story,

you can fill the gaps in my own.

Together we can

Together we are one body

Oen Christ bearing our cross

Our cross of pride, ignorance, and hate

One Christ

Bridging the gap

One Christ

Providing the love

That can win out over all the trouble

The devil can stir.

One heart beating stronger

With your pulse and mine

To reconcile

We must first recognize the damage

That has been wrought

To reconcile we must identify

The pieces we have to work with

Let us name our sorrow

And places of pain

For if not, I cannot care for you in your wholeness

Nor you for me in mine

Let us bridge the gap together

In full openness and honesty

Of what has gone before us

And let us hope together

For a future that honors you

And honors me

That honors your ancestors and mine

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David said...

you have been very busy lately.