Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sled of life

Let’s go sledding!

The sound of it is so appealing—fun, laughter…

Ince you get there, there’s the big white hill so you grab your sled and up you climb.

Trudge through the snow

Slip and fall down

Get back up and keep on going

Top pf the hill

Find a path

Take your sled and head on down

There are bumps and turns

And sometimes you get flipped around

And yet you always slow and come to a stop.

Sometimes you are covered in powder at the end of your journey

Sometimes you hit a bump and land with a thump

Sometimes you flip over and roll

You can choose your sled

You can pick your path

You can even try and steer your course

But in the end you just have to sit back

And enjoy the ride

Laugh at yourself

At your face plant in the snow

Rest when you are weary

And then get up and go

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