Friday, October 24, 2008

Army of Women

My friend's aunt works as a research nurse and is helping raise awareness about "Army of Women".

She shared the following:

As a woman, mother, health care provider, and someone who works in research, I was very interested in a news article on the nightly news several weeks ago. The article featured Dr. Susan Love who has started a movement to get more women (and especially more diverse women) involved in breast cancer research. She has started her "Army of Women" to help bring women of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientation into research studies to help end this tragic disease.

The "army" serves as a bank of potential research candidates. Many of the studies can be done from your own home. You are the one who decides which studies you might be interested in. You must log in to register to participate. The studies are looking for a variety of women-survivors, daughters, sisters, women with no family history, etc. As someone who works in research, I know how hard it is to recruite participants. The idea behind the army is to make that process just a bit easier.

Since the army was launched Oct. 1, 214,000 women have signed up. Their first major study is due to come out the end of Oct.

Please consider joining the Army in support of women everywhere. I encourage all of you to log on to their website for more information about the program as well as how to sign up.

Think about signing up and being part of the pool of candidates or passing the word to friends and family who might be willing to take part.

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