Friday, October 31, 2008

Luggage woes

Vacation started yesterday (WOOHOO!!!) and a friend drove me to the airport so I could fly first to Atlanta and then to Nashville to perform a friend's wedding. All went swimmingly, even with the added bonus of running into a friend on the plane from atlanta to nashville and a friendly man who allowed us to invade his row so we could sit together and catch up. All went well, that is, until it came time to get my luggage. We waited for B's bag and then waited some more for mine, her new beau was ready to pick her up, so we said our goodbyes and I kept waiting. And then no more luggage came, and people began to line up at the Delta door and the Delta folks grabbed the three bags that remained on the conveyer belt. I dug around for my luggage tag and gave an address and phone number for my bag which was to be delivered between 11:30pm and 12 midnight.

My friend picked me up and showed me around Nashville and then we went to her house and watched a movie while we waited for the luggage. It was a no-show. I slept with the phone in case they called, and still nothing. I was lucky that checking a second bag was going to cost $50, so I had taken my smaller suitcase with me and had clothes for today for the wedding rehearsal and the costume party tonight--but my robe, clothes for the rest of the week, toiletries, wedding gift, and hostess presents were all MIA.

This morning we decided we'd head out and wait for the call and come back when we knew they were on their way. That didn't happen. They called right as we were headed out the door, promising to be there in a half hour. Two and a half hours later they showed. Now, I am very grateful to have my robe and not have to run out and get essential items, but still, it ruined all the day's plans with my friend.

Now, this is the first time anyone has lost my bag (knock on wood), so it might be par for the course, but really, if you're gonna be 2.5 hours, just say so, don't tell me 30 minutes! Oh well. I have a robe, I have a costume, and I have a gift--we're good to go!

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