Monday, October 20, 2008

The darkness could not overcome it

Depression eats at your soul
corroding acid
etching holes
in your heart
your enthusiasm
your drive
miserable mire suffocating
your passion and desire to live
Deceptive demon lying in wait
Opportunity knocks
silence steals your breath
Melancholy permeates into the crevasses of your mind
Stifling sludge
drowning hope, happiness, and humility
Self-deprecation, loathing, and pity
rising like the tide of a cold winter storm

The only weapon in the darkest of pits is the light of the world
for the darkness could not overcome it
It shines like a lamp on a hill
bright for all to see
Once that light shines it keeps radiating light and offering more

So speak out against the darkness
Claim the light as mysterious and magnificent.
Cast out the demons of depression
by calling on the Prince of peace
the light of the world

Let your faith extend
beyond the moment of pain
let them breath the breeze of hope-filled fresh crisp air.

Fan the flame of your heart's desire.
Live to defeat the darkness
to show the true power of the light
and share it with others who struggle to breathe
Under the weight of isolated silence

For God said I know the plans I have for you
plans for to prosper you
Plans with hope and promise
Trust in the plans God has for you.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, your soul, and your mind.


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David said...

Wow, having a rough go, or is this the inspirational stage now?
Love ya,