Sunday, October 12, 2008

Only 2 more days...

I've had a few posts swimming in my head the last few days, but tonight as I sit and study for a Bible study I have tomorrow, all I can hear is rats running up my walls and across my attic, and all the posts have vanished from my brain. The infestation seems to be getting worse, at least it sounds that way. I hear them more often, and more vocally, at more hours of the day, and really, it's not pleasant. Two days ago I caved and bought more poison despite the fact that the exterminator comes and has set traps and placed poison. But Tuesday the roofers come and start ripping off those old shingles and the hope is that those nasty critters upstairs will high tail it OUTTA here! Man that would be AWESOME.

I feel like I've exercised a great deal of tolerance up until this point, but I think I've about had it. The roofers will be here all week and I'd like to hand them BB guns to take aim at these nasty vermin while they're up there, but suppose that might not be the way to go. Mr Exterminator comes Thursday while the roof is still off to hopefully finish the job.

Honestly it's hard to think, or ponder the world, or write a sermon, or even a simple devotion when there are critter feet pattering up your walls and across your ceiling.

Please God make them go away.

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