Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Three cheers for the roofers

THE ROOFERS ARE HERE!!!! I am very excited about getting a new roof and the prospect of NO MORE RATS! Man, would I be a happy camper to never see a rat again. There's about a dozen guys that showed up as soon as the city ordinances would allow it this morning and got to work. I'm not sure how I will work at home these days with pah-pah-pah ringing through the air, but we'll make it work. The only other dilemma is that all kinds of nastiness builds up in your roof over 50 years and when they take it off, all kinds of stuff floats in the air, and I seem to be allergic to some of it. Oh well. At least there is a new roof on its way!!!

I'm sure as the week goes on I'll find some sort of theological connection to make...

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