Friday, October 3, 2008

What's a girl to do?

It's days like today I wish I were a man. Tomorrow I will be performing my first wedding, tonight is the wedding rehearsal. In addition to nerves about the wedding and screwing things up on this couples "happiest day", my mind is racing through clothes, hair, and make-up decisions. Do I wear my hair curly or straight? Up or down? Eye shadow or none? Dress or a skirt? Fall colors, black, or bright? Leg or no leg? Heels or flats? Nail polish or not? I wish I were a guy, that I could throw on a nice suit, comb my hair, and call it a day. There's no simple option in my mind.

Tomorrow is simpler because I get to wear the robe, but still questions about hair and make up, as well as outfit for after the ceremony.

I should probably ask BTFM, but she already thinks I am clueless. So, maybe not.


Lance said...

Being a guy really is pretty cool.

Rachel said...

Crazy! That was YOU? She just posted one of my questions on BTFM, too -- the one about robe care while traveling. I hope your wedding went well. Call me next time you have image questions and I'll at least give you some sort of opinion. It might not be good, but hey, it's free. ;)

Love you,