Friday, October 19, 2007

The 3 Best Things Edition

Chai regularly blogs 3BT—3 best things from her week. I like her reflections and appreciate that she does it regularly. It reminds me of the Ignatius practice of consolations and desolations. This week I have been on vacation with my family in Death Valley, and lots of things have topped my list, so I thought I’d share a few:

· Being awake at the(bum) crack of dawn and getting up to go to Zimbrinski point to watch the sunrise.

o Being reminded of my trip up Sinai as I watched the light of day reflect off the rainbow painted rocks.

· Laughing so hard my sides hurt because some things never change.

o Realizing the pate my dad ate for breakfast was only 2 years out of date, and the lobster stuff, though not dated, was clearly out of date—probably pre-2000. So when my dad went to open the sardines and mom joked the date was 1992 and I incredulously asked, “Are you serious?!?” I actually thought she could have been serious. Heck 15 years is still new for our family.

· Being Aunt Debbie. This seems like something simple, but somehow it brings lots of privileges, including all the little kid hugs and kisses I want. (And, unfortunately for my sister and brother in law, my niece hollering for me in the wee hours of the morning).

· Being in Death Valley after probably close to 15 years and still having sights and sounds seem familiar to me.

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