Sunday, October 14, 2007


I finally made the switch and traded in my car. I've had "Dina" just over a week now and love her! There's the sun roof--a bit of a luxury, but super fun, and I need a little fun in my life! There's music and blue tooth phone controls built into the steering wheel, and the way cool thing--it's KEYLESS. That's right, I just have a clicker deal that sits in my purse (or my pocket) and as long as I have it on my all I have to do is push a button to lock or unlock and then just turn the ignition (without inserting anything) to make it run. It's fabulous. No more digging through my purse for keys, no fumbling around when my hands are full. I am a happy, happy woman. (It's also nice not to be riding in a car worrying about what will break next and how much it's gonna cost me!)

1 comment:

John Meunier said...

ummm ... so what happens if you lose the little clicker thingy?

Not to jinx you or anything.