Friday, December 21, 2007

Popcorn balls (a little FYI)

Yesterday I had a brilliant idea that I should make popcorn balls for the youth group on Sunday for when they watch a Christmas movie (which movie we'll be watching is yet to be determined...any suggestions?!?) So, today at the store I picked up the popcorn so I'd be ready. I decided I'd go ahead and get them done today and then not worry about it tomorrow or Sunday. So I popped popcorn on the stove (a first without the handy jiffy pop deally-bopper) and cooked up the Karo syrup concoction. That went alright. I did not burn the popcorn, so that was a plus, and I stretched my patience and actually waited for the diabetic's-worst-nightmare syrup to reach the right temperature (255 degrees), and then poured it on. The directions said to wait until it's cool enough to handle and then form into balls. So I waited. Unfortunately, the directions did not add: "do not let cool completely or it will be solid and fragile and will not form well into balls". Just for the record Food Network, I could have used that warning. So, I have about 12 *balls*, some small, some large, some sort of round, some space ship shaped from when I broke them off the big hunk of sugary popcorn. And then there's the rest of it that's mostly just coated in its single kernel wonder. Alas, that's what I get for trying a new recipe and not knowing what I was doing.

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