Saturday, December 22, 2007

The widow and her oil

Yesterday I wrote about scraping the bottom of my spiritual/emotional/creative barrel. Last night, ironically (or maybe providentially) my devotion focused on the widow and her oil. The passage and meditation talk about her taking what she had (one small jar of oil) and using that to produce enough to provide for their needs. Similar to the parable of the talents there's a theme of using what little you have to do what you need and having faith that it will be enough. That was the message I needed. I needed to be reminded that though I may only have a little bit to offer, God can do something with that if only I offer it up. Be it little inspiration, little energy, little knowledge, even just a little compassion, if I make it an offering to God and trust in the power of God's hand, then God will provide for my/our needs.

Today is a day of taking my "little something" and writing 3 sermons, planning a young adult retreat, cleaning my house....oh yeah, and changing the world! It's a small to-do list, really. =)

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