Monday, September 24, 2007

Ahhh car trouble

call #1 from R at Ford:
R: Hi Deb, this is R, we checked out your car and your transmission is shot. A rebuild averages $2000, if the torque converter is bad, which we won't know until we crack it open, that's another $800. If you replace it, it's $3190 with a 3 year 50,000 mile warranty.
D: Excellent.
R: Do you want to think about it?
D: Yeah, give me a few minutes and I'll get back to you.

Call #2 to JP
D: Hi J, I got the call back from the dealer, $2000 for the rebuild plus $800 if torque converter is bad. $3190 for the replacement.
J: Wow that's a lot of money. The torque converter? it shifts from 1st to 2nd, there shouldn't be a problem with the torque converter. I wonder what Murray's tranmission would say...
D: If I called do you think they'd give me a quote?
J: No, but I think they'd give me a quote. Give me a minute and I'll call you back.
D: Okay.

Call #3 from JP
J: I talked to Murray's son and he said to do the complete rebuild, one end to the other, (if the complete is even necessary), plus the torque converter would be $1990.
D: Really??
J: Yep, so basically just have AAA tow your car over and they will take care of it. Tell them I sent you. And if you need any help, ask my son, he'd be more than happy to help you.
D: Thanks J.

Call #4 to AAA
(getting the car towed from one place to the next. Need someone to release the car at one end or the other).

Call #5 to JW
No answer.

Call #6 to GP
D: Hey G. It's Deb.
G: Hey Deb. How are you?
D: Good. I'm actually calling to ask a favor. J helped me get my car to Ford on Saturday and now I need to get it towed to the transmission place, but I need someone to release my car to the towing company. So I'm wondering if you might be available today or tomorrow to go over and release the car.
G: Sure. They can do it either day?
D: Well, AAA will do it when I ask them to, so whenever you have time and I'll have them work around your schedule.
G: well, I've got time after 3:30 today.
D: Okay great. I'll call you back to confirm. Thanks G.

Call #7 to AAA
D: reorder the tow.
AAA: You need someone at both ends....
D: both ends?
AAA: Yep.
D: can it be a mechanic?
AAA: Yep. Just need a name. As long as the car is registered in your name, someone else can release it.
D: Okay. The mechanic at Ford is R, but I don't know if he'll be there in the afternoon.
AAA: Well, we'll put R down, and if you need to call back and change the name later, that's fine.
D: Okay. Then GP will be at Murray's.
AAA: great. Thanks Ms. C.

Call #8 to R at Ford
No answer. Please call back.

Call #9 to Dad
Dad: You out car shopping?
D: No. I'm working on getting the car fixed. So, Ford says my car will cost.....and the transmission place is $1000 less, so I'm gonna have AAA pick it up and tow it over. Is the car registered in my name?
Dad: It's in both our names, but let me double check the papers. Yep. Yours then mine.
D: Okay, good, 'cause if it were your name then you'd have to call AAA and make the arrangements. GP is going to sign for it at Murray's and the mechanic will at Ford. But wait, if the mechanic can sign then I don't need GP, right? Okay, I'm gonna call Murray's then and see if they have someone there who can sign for it.
Dad: Okay.

Call #10 to F at Murray's
D: Hi, I'm DC, JP referred me to you. I wanted to let you know AAA will be dropping off my car.
F: takes information. Okay. We'll call you with an estimate.
D: F, will you be there? I thought the person who had to sign had to be a friend or something of mine, but if you can sign, that'd be great.
F: yeah we can sign, no problem.
D: Great. Thanks.

Call #11 to GP
D: Hey GP, just talked to AAA and the transmission place and the mechanic can sign, so I don't need you to do it afterall.
G: Really? I can do it.
D: No, they don't care whether it's G or F, so it might as well be F. But thank you.
G: No problem.

Call #12 to R at Ford.
D: Hi R. I'm not gonna have you all do the service, I'm gonna have the car taken to a transmission place.
R: Oh. Okay.
D: But while I have you on the phone I want to go ahead and pay my bill with you.
R: Well, you'll need to fax your card info to the cashier. You have to send the card number, expiration, work order #, your signature, the date, print the card number, etc. And the total to be paid.
D: Okay. How much is the total?
R: $181.88 for the transmission diagnostic.
D: Okay. Thanks R. Oh, and so you know, AAA will be coming over to get the car and they will ask for you to release it.
R: what?
D: AAA will be coming over to get the car and they will ask for you to release it.
R: Oh. Okay. Just so long as you take care of the payment before they get here.
D: Consider it done. thanks.

Call #13 to AAA
D: Hi, I made a call for a tow earlier and need to correct the info. G will not be accepting the car at Murray's F will, and since it's a different person, you can go ahead and do it right away. The sooner the better.
AAA: Okay, it should be about 45 minutes.
D: Great.

Call #14 to F at Murray's
D: Hi F, just talked to AAA and they said the truck will be out in about 45, so I expect they'll be to you in an hour fifteen or an hour and a half.
F: okay, great.
D: There's a $10 charge b/c the tow is 2 miles further than my 7 mile AAA allowance, can you all pay that?
F: Yeah, no problem. We'll pay it and you can reimburse us.
D: Great.
F: So we'll give you a call after we check out the car and do an estimate.
D: Great. thanks.

Call #15 from R at Ford.
R: Hi Deb, there's a change on the bill, they did do the oil change gold you had request which is $47, so that will be added.
D: Okay. so what's the total?
R: I don't know, the cashier will have to do that. Give her a call in about 15 minutes.
D: Okay.

Call #16 to Cashier at Ford (7 minutes later)
D: Hi this is DC and I need the total for my car.
C: takes info. That isn't closed out yet, they're still working on it.
D: Well R called and told me to call you for the total.
C: I have to transfer you back to R since it isn't closed out.
D: Okay.
R: Hi this is R.
D: Hi R this is Deb. I talked to the Cashier and she said the bill wasn't closed out, so she sent me back to you.
R: I told you to wait 15 minutes.
D: Yeah, I get that, but I wanted to make sure the bill was paid before AAA gets there.
R: Well the technician has to do blah blah blah and calculate that with thus and such and then the cashier gets it and totals it out. So you need to wait 15 minutes.
D: Okay. thanks.

Call #17 (while on the phone with Ford) from JW (returning earlier message)
J: Hey.
D: hey, I got it all taken care of. I needed someone to release my car, but I've got it covered and have Ford on the other line.
J: Oh. Okay. Good, well call me back if you want.
D: Okay. thanks.

Call #18 to Cashier at Ford (15 minutes later)
D: Hi this is DC, I'm calling about the total on my car.
C: Okay. name?
D: Deb
C: Mechanic?
D: R. I have my work order number if that helps?
C: yes please
D: #####
C: Oh, C_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. I thought you said C_ _ _ _. Hold on.
D: Okay.
C: The total is $225.
D: Okay. And can I confirm the fax #?
C: - - - - - - - - - -
D: Okay, great. Any thing else?
C: Just be sure to print the card number because the copy of the card won't come through.
D: Already done. Thanks.

So much for sabbath rest....

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