Saturday, September 1, 2007

Young Adult Ministries

Young adult ministries is my most neglected area of ministry. I hate to admit it, but I have let the ball drop in this area. The preceeding associate had told me that he had struggled with this ministry, that he had invested a lot of time and energy and not a lot came from it, that if he wasn't running it, then generally it didn't happen, that the folks weren't generally motivated to get things taken care of. So, I came in knowing I would have to organize things and push a bit to make it happen. I did a few activities last summer (game nights and going to local theatre productions namely) and then followed that with Bible studies. We rotated houses for awhile and did a Wesley study of sorts, and then we broke for Christmas and came back in the New Year for a "controversial topics" study. Now, starting last summer I had 4 active young adults (between 18-35) and didn't have a whole lot of other folks to pull from. Well, by Christmas 2 of them had transferred to another church because of worship and leadership opportunities. So, I was left with 2 active young adults, and of those two one read diligently and came prepared with questions and ideas. The other NEVER read and occasionally showed up. So, technically I had 1.5 young adults. Now, one doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that it is hard to get inspired to invest hours of time and energy on a quality Bible study for just 1.5 people. We finished the controversial topics study about the time of Lent and so I encouraged them to come to the Wednesday night Lent studies in lieu of doing an exclusive YA study. Well, then after Easter came and went I didn't get organized enough to do another study. I have found it difficult to be motivated and regret my reluctance, but have had a 100 other things that have managed to keep me occupied and full of excuses. Now, over the summer we have had a few new young adults come to the church and some others return, so now, I could have a base of 6-8 young adults, and that is a much more inspiring number, and one I can't really justify ignoring, I need to get my act together and do something for them. By in large, they like real studies, Bible studies, learning. They don't simply want fluff. So, now the question become what to do for/with them. What study do we do? What resources do I use? Or do I simply make it up, like normal? Any ideas about what would be good for a small group of young adults, ranging in age from 18, just graduated, to 35, married with 2 kids--all women??

I have never been a part of a quality young adult ministry. As a young adult I have mainly been in leadership, so I don't even really know what the best of programs would look like....any words of wisdom or creative ideas would be much appreciated!

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