Saturday, September 29, 2007

The sabbath ritual part I

My body is precious
My body is beautiful
Each crevice and nook
Each curve and line
My body is precious
My body is mine
It's mine to love
It's mine to hold
Mine to cherish
To dance big and move bold
Each knuckle and bend
Each nail and hair
It is beautiful and perfect
Just as I am to be
My eyes and ears
Fingers and feet
My breasts and bum
They're mine each one
Mine to honor, mine to love
My body is precious
Designed just right by God above


molly said...

your writing has been especially beautiful lately. thanks for this rich gift.

Deb said...

Thanks Molly! My momma raised me to cherish positive affirmation...your comment makes me wanna keep posting poetry and least I assume that's what you were referring to...