Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Prayer requests for September

As a part of my planning for the Latino Ministry, I created a 6 month plan, which includes preaching themes, outreach programs, evangelism plans, advertising, and prayer focuses. Each month we have a specific focus for our prayers. The following are those prayer concerns. Feel free to send one up for us! But before I share them, as a way of explaining, part of what we have been doing is praying for 5 people. Starting in July, I challenged our folks to choose 5 people to pray for. The people can be known or unknown. I know none of mine, just chose 5 (6 actually) names out of the air. I pray for their jobs, their relationships, and their faith walk. My hope is that a large number of those for whom we are praying will come to the church. If each of our 5 folks came to the church, we'd have some 225 people, that's pretty exciting in my book! So, anyway, basically when I say--"continue praying for our 5" that's who I mean.

We pray for the UMW that they would be strengthen in fellowship and the education they receive at their event on the 8th.
2) We pray for the English class.
3) We pray for the children’s ministry.
4) We will begin praying for new small groups, for the leadership—that they might discern their call and get excited about doing God’s work.

5) We continue to pray for our 5 people.

6) We pray for musicians who can lead us in new and different (more contemporary) music.

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molly said...

i'm sending up these prayers, indeed! thanks for your ministry.